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Good Wolf

This 14 count case is a complete sampler pack that has all four of our Probiotic Refresher flavors AND our limited edition Prebiotic Mocktails.

- x2 Ginger Yuzu

- x2 Marionberry

- x2 Piña Colada

- x2 Hibiscus Bloom

- x6 Double Cherry Vanilla


Our Probiotic Refreshers are slightly sweet, lightly carbonated and purely delicious. We ferment apple juice using water kefir cultures, which produces a probiotic rich, plant-based beverage similar to kombucha, but without the tang, caffeine or added sugar.

Our Prebiotic Mocktail lineup is a symphony of flavors and wellness. No added sugar, it's non-alcoholic, and brimming with prebiotic goodness. Whether you're exploring a new Good Wolf flavor or making healthier choices, this seasonal flavor provides a delicious alternative from your typical cocktails. Sip, savor, and let the festivities begin!

All orders go out Monday.

Orders must be made by Sunday evening so that we have time to pack them up for you!

Refreshers are 12 fluid ounces per can. Perishable- Keep refrigerated.

Mocktails are 16 fluid ounces per can. Shelf stable.


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  • What exactly is a Probiotic Refresher?

    The base for Good Wolf Probiotic Refreshers is water kefir. Water kefir is a probiotic, non-alcoholic, fermented beverage, very similar to kombucha, but doesn't have the sour/funky flavor that kombucha can have, nor does it contain any caffeine! Good Wolf is smooth, tasty and healthy!

    Click here to read more about Probiotic Tonics and water kefir