At Good Wolf, we believe that there’s a daily war inside each of us between a good and a bad wolf. Who will win? The one you feed.

So we make functional beverages that feed the good wolf! Beyond nutrition and gut health, we hope to inspire people to make positive impacts in their communities.

We hope you’ll join the wolf pack!

Curious about Good Wolf Probiotic Refreshers?

  • What exactly is a Probiotic Refresher?

    The base for our Probiotic Refresher is water kefir. Similar to kombucha, water kefir is a fermented, non-alcoholic, plant-based drink that is full of probiotics. Like kombucha, it’s become quite popular in the last ten years, but unlike kombucha, it tastes super smooth with no vinegar/funky flavors. Click here for the full lowdown.

  • What are Probiotics?

    We are not alone in our bodies! Living inside of us are trillions of microorganisms that are collectively known as the microbiome. Consuming probiotics has been shown to positively affect our gut, digestion and so much more! Click here to read more.