About Good Wolf

Good Wolf began in 2016 by Keenan Smith and Danny Sheller. It was their dream to feed the good wolves of Portland. After a few years, Danny moved on to start another business and Keenan kept it going. He successfully grew Good Wolf into a respectable, organic beverage brand and a Portland, Oregon staple. 

Then came Covid. Unfortunately, due to all the things, Keenan made the hard decision to sell the assets to Nathan and Casey Keane, who owned a tiny kombucha brewery called Kardia. Nathan and Casey began making kombucha years ago, to help with Nathan’s gut health. Not surprisingly, it totally changed his life and erased nearly all of his gut problems! When Nathan met Keenan in early 2022, Keenan mentioned that he was looking to sell Good Wolf and Nathan LIT UP. His dad had told him and his siblings the story of two wolves as a kid!! The memories came flooding back. This couldn't be a coincidence. Nathan excitedly picked up his phone and called his dad. John is a long time successful business owner and was stoked to hear about this opportunity. He too caught his son's vision and helped Nathan and Casey buy Good Wolf!

Kardia Kombucha had also hit some bumps during Covid, and they had already made the decision to pivot it into more of a Non-Alc brand and step away from kombucha (there’s enough kombucha already), and this gave them the perfect opportunity to own an amazing brand that already sells gut friendly beverages that are a great alcohol alternative.

Since taking over, Good Wolf has grown! We have three W-2 employees, we are in nearly 100 grocery stores, cafes and coffee shops in Portland and a few in Central and Southern Oregon. We also do several farmers markets and offer local home deliveries!

Our goal has always and will always be to make the healthiest and best tasting beverages around and to empower you to feed your good wolf!

Our Mission

Besides generally feeding your good wolf, we have a specific mission to end sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation involves a person profiting from the use of another person's body in a sexual manner in order to benefit (financially or otherwise). It happens in many forms: pornography, strip clubs, prostitution, among houseless populations and more.

Also, it doesn’t just happen in other countries. It happens in virtually every community in the world. 

Founder Nathan Keane has a bachelors degree in Social Work, focused his studies on commercial sexual exploitation and interned at a Portland based Anti Sex Trafficking organization called EPIK Project for a year. He and his wife Casey are advocates for spreading awareness and we hope you'll join us in the fight.

Sexual exploitation is one of the world’s bad wolves, and we as a society feed it without even realizing it. How? By watching tv and following social media that sexualizes people, by going to strip clubs and by watching porn. All of these things dehumanize women (and men and children) and they turn human beings into a commodity to buy, abuse, reuse and throw away when it’s no longer like new.