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You probably noticed our cans look way different!

They have all been upgraded with adaptogens & electrolytes, and are still the tantalizingly smooth and bold tasting drinks you know and love. Cheers to keeping it fresh!

  • Probiotic Refresher Sample Pack

    Scared of commitment? Try them all! The sample pack comes with 4 of each can variety.

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  • Ginger Yuzu Probiotic Refresher

    Ginger Lemon Probiotic Refresher is our spicy spin on ginger ale. It's invigorating and refreshing! You'll appreciate all the gut healthy benefits of this modern celebration of a classic flavor, without any of the added sugar.

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  • Hibiscus Bloom Probiotic Refresher

    An alluring refresher infused with real lavendar, rose, and hibiscus. Floral notes, a touch of sweetness and balanced with acidity from cold pressed lemon juice. Treat yo'self if you're feeling gray and want to feel sunshiney.

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  • Piña Colada Probiotic Refresher

    At last! The tropical vacation your taste buds have been waiting for! This fun flavor will hit that spot when you need to unwind and drift off to a warm beach (if only in your mind!). Best part? No booze, nothing fake, all flavor, and totally healthy.

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  • Marionberry Probiotic Refresher

    Juicy Marionberry doesn't need much else added to it. Dip into this sweet and juicy Refresher to get your berry on. Oregon invented the marionberry, Good Wolf may have just perfected it... Tasty and guilt free. Healthy never tasted so dang good. 

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  • Good Wolf Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

    We want you to feel good, just like you know you should, in our Good Wolf Probiotic Refresher pullover sweatshirt. 

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