• What exactly is a Probiotic Tonic?

    The base for our Probiotic Tonics is water kefir. Similar to kombucha, water kefir is a fermented, non-alcoholic, plant-based drink that is full of probiotics. Like kombucha, it’s become quite popular in the last ten years, but unlike kombucha, it tastes super smooth with no vinegar/funky flavors.

    Our Probiotic Tonics are an awesome alternative to alcohol and they're low calorie! They contain between just 30-50 calories per can! And they’re low sugar, too. Between 7 - 11 grams of sugar per can, which is a fraction of sodas and cocktails. Plus, it’s fully fermented!

  • What's Water Kefir?

    No, it's not exactly water... Pronounced keh-fear or kee-fur. Water kefir is similar to kombucha, in that it's a fermented, non-alcoholic and probiotic drink, but without the funky, vinegary flavor typical of kombuchas. Water kefir is a smooth, caffeine & dairy-free beverage filled with billions of probiotics that help support gut health, brain function, immunity & so much more!

    Good Wolf slowly ferments a mixture of spring water, raw cane sugar, figs and mineral salt. Then we add real ingredients (often locally sourced) and infuse carbonation. The result? An invigorating source of probiotics and electrolytes to Feed Your Good Wolf!

  • What Are Probiotics?

    We are not alone in our bodies! Living inside of everybody are trillions of microorganisms that are collectively known as the microbiome. Various organs have distinct microbial inhabitants, but the group that has attracted the most attention is the one in our gut. The role of the gut microbiome plays a very important part of your health including helping control digestion, regulating our immune system and cognition.

    Whether it's stress, fatigue or inflammation, bringing the body back into balance is necessary. Diet and lifestyle changes are important, but enjoying the process with incredible tasting probiotic tonics is our powerful way to give you the strength to take on your day.

  • Do Good Wolf Probiotic Tonics contain caffeine?

    Nope! Unlike kombucha, there is no caffeine in our Probiotic Tonics!

  • How much sugar is in them?

    Between 7 - 11 grams of sugar per can. We use raw, unprocessed cane sugar sourced straight from Paraguay. Better yet, the sugar is fully fermented, so it has less impact on your blood sugar. The fermentation turns the sugars into probiotics, vitamins and healthy acids. So cool!

  • Who Makes the Tonics?

    Our owner, Nathan Keane is the head brewer and ferments the Probiotic Tonics in small batches at our brewery in NE Portland! He has been fermenting for most of his adult life and is fascinated by the health benefits and amazing flavors that fermentation can produce.